Welcome to Rawat Hospitality Services


What we Do?

Benefits of Services

  1. Help to finalize equipment, designs and specifications.
  2. Location feasibility analysis.
  3. Kitchen design, layout & coordination with the respective vendor / consultant.
  4. On time execution of project subject to timely approvals, decisions, availability of resources.
  5. Suggestion viz the POS and BOH inventory & payroll systems and its implementation.
  6. Finalization of bill of quantities for FOH & BOH requirements.
  7. Help sourcing raw materials, imported ingredients
  8. Help in sourcing crockery ,cutlery , glassware ,linen uniforms , packaging materials, menu folders, F & B Stationery as per the theme of the project.
  9. Planning of marketing & sales strategies.
  10. Feasibility and revenue forecasting report.
  11. Legal advice for obtaining TM registration.
  12. Legal advice for procurement of all licenses and permissions.
  13. Developing unique USP for our brand.
  14. Vendor Management contracts for all supplies.
  15. Manpower recruitment support for senior Service as well as senior kitchen department person’s.
  16. Complete guidance to maintain food quality as per set our SOP.
  17. To maintain food cost 35% during our tenure.
  18. Total planning and implementation of promotions and food festivals.
  19. Give strategies to increase sales with our unique time tested sales and marketing modules.
  20. Inputs to Create Unique Logos & Website.
  21. To generate the weekly and monthly reports.
  22. Entrepreneur Trainings of Owners in Operation Management.
  23. Monitoring rounds & 24/7 telephonic support by Team members.