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Businesses don’t run on guesswork especially the business of hospitality. Over 90% of the businesses are doomed from day one because they were stingy on hiring the right consulting teams for their dream concepts.

You cannot ideate, design and execute a food service facility in isolation. There’s just so much that must be factored in for things to come to fruition.

You need to conduct market research, take emerging trends into consideration including competitor’s analysis, have an ergonomically designed Commercial Kitchen along with other support areas.

Impeccable, relevant and cost effective menu plan and most importantly expert staff who can deliver on the restaurant’s brand image. With so much to handle, these important planning processes can leave even the most passionate entrepreneur feeling dreaded.


This is where Rawat Hospitality , with over 20 years of industry experience comes in. We have delivered on most cutting edge food service designs than anybody else.

Our project portfolio is a shining testimony of how important your success is for us. At RH, we shape your dreams. Our only goal is to see your dreams of owning a flourishing Hotel, Restaurant. Resort or Cafe business comes to life.

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